Using geosum but keeping data and hardware on-site

GeoSum can provide dedicated farms of hardware or utlise your existing hardware so data is physically isolated from other users, and is deployed on your own site as the primary farm or using GeoSum's data centre locations.

Private Clouds from GeoSum unlike those from large Systems Integrators, offer a full spectrum of services from desktop computing to servers, rather than only servers or only compute. Geosum’s solution also manages the full end to end life cycle of a user service i.e. from being provisioned, billed, managed centrally and then removed.

Private Cloud

Option 1: Private cloud (off-premise)

For customers wishing to have physically isolated systems and deploy their own software, GeoSum will deliver a portion of our clustered cloud platform, allowing end-users to deploy a hosted solution that can take advantage of our DR cloud infrastructure. In this case customers can enter into a contracted partnership with GeoSum to deploy desktops for as little as £15 per user per month.

Option 2: Private cloud (on-premise)

An option for larger companies looking to deploy services on site to end-users Geosum will deploy hardware and storage architectures on a customer's site, whilst linking it to our main cloud infrastructure for redundancy. This works perfectly for larger businesses with existing high powered networks, or local processing demands. GeoSum will project manage the setup, delivery and management of the platform working with your existing IT team to provide an end-to-end solution.

Why GeoSum?

Why GeoSum?

GeoSum’s unique design for Virtual Desktops means customers can finally justify the cost of deploying a centralised desktop solution on CAPEX savings alone. When you take into account the savings on managing the solution and the business benefits of Virtual Desktops the business case is very compelling.

Using GeoSum’s Private Cloud deployment of Virtual Desktops customers can save at least 50% of the costs associated with traditional projects of this type. Here are a few of the reasons for that:

The design mitigates the need for an expensive SAN
The solution can deliver the IOP performance to run over 300 users on a single industry standard server dramatically reducing hardware costs
Our profile management system means customers don’t need to invest in complex and expensive products
Our deployments are right first time, every time, so you can be confident the system we engineer for you will work from day 1

How can GeoSum virtual desktops help your business

GeoSum solutions allow organisations to deliver flexible workplace solutions and enables users to be free from the constraints of the traditional office. Companies can reduce office space, ensure business continuity and offer a more attractive inspirational work experience.

GeoSum Private Cloud solutions, based on virtualisation, online collaboration and secure file sharing, enable organisations to:

Give people the flexibility of choosing the ideal time, place and device for their work
Protect confidential business information yet meet privacy, compliance and risk management standards
Provide staff with uninterrupted access to desktops and applications during business disruptions of any kind
Reduce office, travel and resource costs through alternative workplace strategies
Attract and retain the best people wherever you find them


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